Under the tree of Us'dum (M/L: Aydan) 
length: 6:41  
(Intro harmony) "March to the tree" 
Step by step, we walked the elfdom  
as far as the pass of Helm  
Now waves of twilight wash our shields,  
shine in our swords We've reached the elfic mighty oak, over hills await the legions of the ogres  
With new sun the final battle will begin  
Is the bond of our companionship  
that will lead us to the victory  
All the blood that (will) spill from our enemies  
is the only grim reward  
(Bridge) Tunes of battle clash, ploughing  
all the seven seas and Time is coming fast  
(Chorus) Far to the world where the dawn is falling Far, through the lands, against the power of the 
Dark To the fields where you hear the calling  
Down, to the hills where the wizard  
of Arthanelron had ruled  
(Melody) Jarpen 
Far beyond, over the horizon a sickle of Moon  
floats in the night An handful of sparks  
Branches to roots, blood to the flesh  
A spell of ancient ages past,  
draw the swords and raise our hearts to glorify  
With new sun the final battle will begin  
Is the bond of our companionship  
That will lead us to the victory  
For the life of one that has fade away  
Another one will fight for all  
(Bridge) Tunes of battle clash, ploughing  
all the seven seas And Time is coming fast  
(Hymn) Aydan  
Strong and proud we stand again In circle round the tree of Usdu'm The shadow in the wood are 
lengthening Over our fears and beliefs A frosty blanket's wrapping us In death or glory at dusk it will 
end The banner's high on our lances The final clash has begun  
Solos: both / Aydan / Jarpen 

Banquet of bards (M/L: Jarpen) 
length: 4:51  
Should I never roam anymore, I'm on my journey 
Silently the moon whispers words I'll be recalling  
Miles away lies the unknown fate  
Through dwarven lands, where the shadows  
never fall in  
I rest and sing, under an oak so old
(bridge) Round and round we dance through the  
Even though the day's turning dark very fast now  
Rivers full of dreams flow endlessly  
May the stars will stay and will laugh at our smallness
(chorus) Into the woods, hear the silver firs' breathing Where the forests end, it's the banquet of 
So, that's the magic - whirling clouds and  
fair journey stories to find 
Someone announcing the event of a new days's birth Bards around a table sing  
"All is fair in love and war !"  
Farewell my friends, I leave  
Wisdom's all I learned so far, words of ages  
Heard the jester's voice, by the ruins he spoke atrocious truths under (the) cloak of lunacy  
Learning from into the brushwood of K'horen  
I lie and wait, chasing my dreams so far 
Solos: Aydan / Jarpen
In a forgotten place of earth  
A noble quest, it has begun  
Another banquet, another song,  
Grace to you, o forests deep  
Gathering of dwarves, elves and men  
Satchels and pouches they bring forth  
The banquet of bards 
Now that we leave all the crickets stay silent,  
Along our quest, we'll see the world spin  
Mystic places and yellowing leaves that won't fall  
It's my own fate 
Into the woods, here the banquet of bards  
The treasure I found now I share with you... 

Oakenshield (M/L: Aydan)  
length: 6:36 
Oh pick up flutes and fiddles, a new tune is beginning  
A melody forsaken, on the chords of our elders' singing Each note is telling a story, a fragment of 
Oh people that you listen,  
sit down and hear the old man's story  
He was standing right in front of me,  
few step from where I've been  
That day the manor's tower is hiding a sun in agony Filthy and soiled from head to feet,  
his sword was rusty and ruined  
But in his eyes I caught a fleeting glimpse of his pride
(Bridge) He said: "Seven moons painted the skies  
before I reach for the chosen one  
A travel through the starlit horizons,  
through the magic's way On the path that leads us to knowledge, a light fall of rites and believes  
from past forgotten times  
Outshining the malice on our thoughts ! 
(Chorus) A story that came from so many miles  
and years ago The legend of the magic shield  
The elf, the dwarf, the man who carries true faith  
deep within Was know by everyone as  
I didn't understand the words he said, 
the silence fell on the scene  
A watercolour painted with a thousand shades of feels A wooden shield tied on his back,  
the magic wisdom seed From that day on 
(Bridge) He told "From the time when the  
ancients' glory rules us all, the shield has been  
passed hand in hand to the few,  
whose heart is pure and bold made with the hardwood of Usdu'm, never decline his influence on 
character outstanding is the power of our will ! 
Shield, from the sources of our depths  
in the universal edge Declining  
Shield, from the wounds in your malice grains "Face up and take a contact with your inner fears  
You will find a well of gloominess and humble damp Make yourself a trace on walk, the power of 
become The enchantment is the magic of being" 
Solos: Aydan / Jarpen 
Slowly fades to light, the story slips away 
The old man's tired now, doze off  
"Sleep well, keeper of the shield!"  
Mankind could never understand, the shield (will) remain forever only as a 

White Willow (M/L: Damnagoras) 
length: 6:23 
At night I heard the owls say :  
"To find the truth beneath the stars  
You'll have to travel back to heaths of green...  
...The entrance to the oak woods will be  
reveald to you A king will tell you to ride until..." 
(Bridge) ... the leaves on the trees from black  
colour turn to green There to find the oak woods 
I seek, where the old oaks still speak  
At night I heard the old king say:  
"To find your journey through the dark You'll have 
to travel on a field of green"  
Through time dark landscapes leave their  
place to grasslands of joy  
Bestowed to ancient oak woods here I ...  
(Bridge) ... stand astonished by green,  
light of power covers me  
To understand the nature of man I have now to 
speak with the trees.  
In my life I always prayed the ancients acting  
with pure honesty This is time to face the truth  
so here I go: 
Running through the woods I question every plant  
and every tree Searching for the answer that was  
promised to me Then the full moon comes out and 
the wind whispers in my ear : "Ask for White Willow 
near the Silver Lake"...  
(Chorus) The fire in my heart was burning like the  
flames of ancient times White Willow with his  
knowledge opened up my eyes The vision of the  
world I had before was based on thousand lies  
White Willow taught me how to live my life with truth 
Melody: Jarpen  
And there it stands the only White Willow tree  
He embraced me and he told me to gaze the stars!  
The wise old tree twice spoke to me and he said : 
"Bring truth to the ones that you trust  
And make them believe that I still exist" 
So he closed up his eyes and I traveled back home  
Back to my world, to home I return : 
And the birds cry out "The old king has died"  
With tears in my eyes I follow my heritage :  
Now I am to be new Elvenking! 
(Chorus2) Green power light was flowing out my eyes 
like waters from the falls White Willow filled my heart  
with lore I now recall The black horizons once I saw 
now turn to white as I pass by And now I know why man 
can't bear to know the nature of the truth 


















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