Sunrise In Eden

(music and lyrics by Lanvall)


along the banks of astral silence

the honey rivers flow

time seems standing still before my eyes

the velvet sound of the ocean waves

white sand underneath

in the land of eternity

the old bridge tells a story

of long gone centuries

and the garden of a king far away

the palms around they whisper

the sacred holy rhymes

to keep legends alive

endless the night, awaiting the morning

awakened by a dream

the moon touches the sky

while a light catches my eye, Im beholding

the stars seem to shine more intensive than ever

enlighting the path in the dark

and then the horizon is visible for me

Im breathing


the heartbeat of the paradise to feel

sunrise in eden

and aurora greets the day

wishing afterglow away

to let the magic kingdom shine in light

an endless flow in elysian fields

sunrise in eden

and Im holding on once more

to the moments I long for

to the ageless beauty of a world that sleeps


Cheyenne Spirit

(music and lyrics by Lanvall)


out in the prairie, the bison dared to roam

the crying of a lone shot claimed theyre forever gone

high in the breezing winds, an eagle dared to fly

for the white mans sake the covenant was just a lie

out in the flowing streams the beaver dared to build

the never-ending ignorance, the palefaces guilt

a single tent was left, lonesome in the woods

when the cannons spoke the words

murderers took off the hoods


for all times rise

cheyenne spirit rise

by the grace of all your wisdom

in the hunting grounds it flies

chase the track and ride free

eternal unity

let the flutes play for a last time

ban the white mans tyranny

and they came riding with their hate

and marching with their greed

external territories

served their senseless need

but they stood tall in their own fate

they knew their bloody way

along the line of fire

into the grand decay


(repeat twice)



Forever Shine On

(music and lyrics by Lanvall)


in my darkest hour I pray

for a life seemed gone astray

see a flower grow

in a never ending night

far away a colored light

I can see a rainbow rise


I could believe

in the love I found so long

youre the air that I breathe

let us dream a dream

forever shine on

in the haven of delight

where love will shine a light

let your beauty flow

forever shine on

in the distance I behold

existing seems so cold

I hear an angel sing

in the evening glow I seek

for a glimmering mountains peak

imagining I was free


like a candle in the wind

we are fragile and we suffer

from within our deepest hearts

let the wind breeze through your hair

and let your spirit fly

forever shine on


(repeat twice)


Holy Fire

(music and lyrics by Lanvall)


I remember a past life, a life long ago

memories are reveries

and visions fading into gray

I behold the paleness, with the glimpse of an eye

theres no friend in no mans land

streets leading to wild frontiers


let the torchlight shine above you

scan a flashlight of a dream

take the spell and hold the spirit of the flame

and rise up with the light


holy fire, glimmering eve

follow traces until you believe

light a candle for the magical ring

and wait until you see the nights breaking in

am I walking the false path, the one of no return

counting strides the mind divides

the ever-turning wheel of time

then Im crossing the border, beyond the no mans land

lizard eyes and painted skies

the turning point right on my way



Wings Of The Wind

(music and lyrics by Lanvall)


clouds passing by

on top of the mountains one touch in the sky

one touch in the sky

one reason to linger

holding the stars right in my hand

lifting shadows of the past

crystal silhouettes

longing for me

their eyes full of regrets

I am waiting for an answer

I am waiting for a sign

conquering the corridors to free

myself from space and time


ride on, ride on

ride on the wings of the wind

ride into the sunset

ride on the wings of the wind

on the wings to carry on

ride on the wings of the wind

the future is worth to believe in

the key that may unlock the chain

silhouettes dissolve in the twilight

embracing the ones who remain

the image of an endless horizon

enchanting, its before my eyes

the glorious ride shall have no end

hold on, forever more


(repeat twice)

In The Rain

(music and lyrics by Lanvall)


I'm walking along the river

raindrops fall from the sky

the eagle above never wonders

`bout all the feelings gone by

the flower-buds open their hearts

theyre begging for water to fall

as theyre starting to fill up my senses

I recognize them all


falling far beyond the horizon

falling in my and your lane

falling in fear as the ground comes near

theyre falling in the rain

theyre falling in the rain

throttle in the tree can you hear me

let me hear singing your tune

stars in the sky let me be part

when we take a dance with the moon

butterfly open your wings

woodpecker answer my call

walking in midst the silence

where I hear the raindrops fall


in silence they roam in the grass

in silence they drop on a stone

in masses they fall from heaven above

but when they fall they die alone

Midnight At Noon

(music and lyrics by Lanvall)


the sun has set beyond the western sky

and with the coming night you hear em cry

from the fear they were overrun

from the hurricane they were spun

the candle has lost the flame

cause they play the final game

out from the dust they danced apart from all

all warnings overheard until they call

the storm has turned the tides

all is changing from left to right

the gloom it came over them

again and again


as we stand here in vain were awaiting soon

the falling twilight of midnight at noon

theres no sun to see theres only one moon

cause its midnight at noon

the sun has set beyond the western sky

and with the coming night you hear em cry

from the fear they were overrun

from the hurricane they were spun

the candle has lost the flame

cause they play the final game


(repeat twice)

Take Me Back

(music and lyrics by Lanvall)


seems I was sleeping for one thousand years

the wheel of time has turned into the age of tears

how long I am in there I cannot tell for sure

but the flower starts to fade she has to ensure


take me back from beyond the horizon

for a little while

let me feel the idea of a sun dance

I will hold my head up high

just before leaving

like a raindrop in the sun

could I believe that I am one

was it a wonder or a present from above

how should I know if I will ever laugh

but time is unyielding its never standing still

to control the forces that are breaking down my will



take me back from beyond the horizon

for a little while

let me feel the idea of a sun dance

I will hold my head up high

just before leaving

like a raindrop in the sun

could I believe that I am

could I believe that I am one


My Last Step Beyond

(music and lyrics by Lanvall)


the edge of the abyss, where the journeys end

visible crossroads, where mortal lives will bend

the moment of truth, the calm before the storm

the camouflage of liars, abruptly will be torn

at the end of the tunnel, Im awaiting the truth

through the misty twilight, perhaps eternal youth

do I feel the pale void, do I feel the seventh sky?

when life runs like a movie, as the time goes by


do I fly, do I cry, do I see the light?

in blinding colors, does it shine so bright

can I flee, can I see, can I be something new?

when the clock strikes the hour, Im transcending into

heading for a new land, beyond the fading sun

thoughts dwell in my mind, the journey has begun

the vision it seems so clear, but does it pretend?

traveling souls in riot, the beginning or the end?

the howling of the sirens, I dont hear em no more

walls of fears been torn, if we knew why thunders roar

dancing the dance at the carnival of dreams

the aim of restless travelers is where the beacon beams


and here I am walking in silence, making my steps beyond

beyond the afterglow, in a constant flow of light

the rainbow seems so near, finally I am here

the guardian angels, theyre calling my name

an astral dream in the sky?

theyre dancing at the carnival of souls

they dance into the light, into eternal light

I'm singing the tune in unison with angels

in the key of lordian harmony

the journey has an end

I'm waiting in command

never to contend in the end




















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