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Leningradskiy Dvorets Molodezhi, St. Petersburg, Russia

Saturday 16th March 2002

On the day of this gig, a great variety of people, from Metal-fans to folk-fans, were gathered in the venue - not a common sight!  Due to a problem with the electricity, the show began an hour and a half late, with the crowd chanting Cruachan, Cruachan.  John O'Fathaigh ran out with a Russian flag and a sword, and the band appeared.  All throughout the concert, John was swinging the sword, whenever he wasnt playing his flutes or whistles and he and Keith Fay were both wearing traditional Celtic gear.

After an intro, we heard songs from all three albums.  Keith dedicated the song Bloody Sunday to St. Petersburg (in our history, there is also a Bloody Sunday!).  My favourite song from The Middle Kingdom, "Is Fuair an Chroí", was also among the songs aired, with an absolutely amazing vocal duet from Karen Gilligan and Keith. 


Midway through the gig, Karen left the stage and Cruachan played the heavy song, To Invoke the Horned God.  When she returned, we heard the fantastic ballad Ride On.  The crowd sang along with Karen and Keith on this song (as well as on the aforementioned Is Fuair an Chroí").  Keith often talked with the crowd and, at one stage, he threw some CDs from the stage and what seemed like a battle began!
After a while, they played Unstabled, Ossians Return and The Children of Lir.  My favourite songs tonight were the ballads with Karen's slow singing, although Keiths brutal vocals were also very good.  This very bright and memorable gig ended with Sauron, from the Ride On single and, overall, Cruachan presented themselves as very professional musicians, and also as very good people!  I hope we see Cruachan here again perhaps next St. Patricks day, with Waylander and Primordial

Mike Goncharov


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