I. "Enter The Realm" 1:49
(music: Wire - lyrics: Wire)

"Look at the holy valley... what you see is the ancient Town of Faith, its name is Lorengaard... its walls are now under the enemies attack... here the fate of our lands will be written... here... The Legend Begins!" 

II. "The Ring Of Freedom" 4:52 
(music: Wire - lyrics: Wire)

I'm gonna reach the island, I'm gonna break the spell
I am the only real hope for my land
To find the ring of freedom, I will be facing hell
I feel inside me the power of faith
Tonight the bright stars show me the way
To find the Oracle I have to be at the island withtin the night

CHORUS 1: 'Cause I'm riding to find now the holy ring, ancient simbol of victory
To the doors of the Oracle I will go, to fight the shadow of my soul

A legend told the story of this divine ring
The power of immortality
To gain this magic symbol, I'll reach the oracle
to face the mirrors of my darkest past
I'm ready to pass beyond the holy doors
I close my eyes and I set my mind free, now I'm deciding my fate

CHORUS 2: 'Cause tonight I will be the only warrior who returned from the Oracle
with this ring at my finger I will survive, I'll have the power of my Gods

SOLO - Markus Mayer

The Oracle: "Brave warrior, enter the Oracle now...
You'll write the fate of your sacred land
The ancient army of Ghoran is awaiting your arrival
then you will reach the divine gates of Lorengaard
Now cross the mirrors to gain the holy ring
Then take your faithful horse and ride!"

SOLO - Matt Treasure

From holy fields of Eilen, I'll lead my people to
the sacred walls of Lorengaard
My king has called my name, I'll be the only one 
to keep the ring of freedom
Oracle, show me the fate of my land
Then I will pass the divine gates to reach the shining light of the ring

I'll ride to the victory!

III. "Ivory Tower" 5:15
(music: Wire - lyrics: Wire)

My hands are chained and I'm screaming, I can't escape from here
This is the Ivory Tower, right in the middle of enemies reign
Who can hear my voice? Who will save my soul?
I hear the silence of death, I have no chance to be free
I raise my eyes to the sky! Lord, take me out of this hell!

CHORUS: I will return to fight, I'll march alone to be
The saver of my land, the power's in my hands

SOLO - Matt Treasure
SOLO - Aldo Lonobile

From Eilen my friends are coming to set me free from these chains
I hear the sound of their voices, soon they will be here to save me
Holy knights, prepare to go! We're the ones who keep the Ring
Now I am finally free, my sword is ready to kill
Once my Master told me: "Face the evil ones with your steel!"


IV. "Call For Revenge" 4:21 (music: Wire - lyrics: Wire) 
Force of the Eilen warriors come to destroy the faithless knights
Holy shadow's in the sky
Run to the walls of Lorengaard, where our mighty heroes lie
Proudly we will save our land
We know the secrets of the ancient times, we'll ride the winds of glory tonight
Cross the seas of time, we will see our fate, enemies will know the power of our race

CHORUS: The master of heaven will rise, the altar of glory will honour our pride
God will open the sky and we'll march together till the end of time

SOLO - Matt Treasure

Lord, I'm going to die, I'm waiting for your call
I'll follow your signs
Guide my deeds and so my land will be free again
Now let's take our swords!

Fight while the night is falling down, while the oceans meet the sky
Between death and glory ride
Show the evil brightness of your lance, show the blade of your sword
'cause your kingdom will not fall

The master of heaven gave you the crown, you'll have the throne of Lorengaard
Your noble heart will be legend tonight and you will burn out your holy flame!


V. "Blood And Pain" 4:38
(music: Wire, Sidhe, Treasure, Mayer, Ryan - lyrics: Wire, Sidhe)

In a time of blood and pain there was a noble kingdom
when everyone honoured the faith
With their mighty sacred steel the armies on the field
ready to sacrifice their lives

They had no fear of the mighty northern enemies
Riding beyond lakes and forest, singin' hymns of war

CHORUS: Fight immortal army
Follow the way of your lord you are killing to survive
Till the end, defend the crown of your land

You are the chosen ones, the ones who'll fight for glory
as long as God will give you strenght
And when the sun comes down, the moon will see you standing proud
your swords are brighter than the stars

BRIDGE: Take your shield and seize your sword to fight before the walls
Run through blades and kill who wants to make your people fall


SOLOS - Markus Mayer, Matt Treasure, Pete Ryan (2 times)


VI. "The Ancient Prophecy - The Journey" 2:30
(music: Wire - lyrics: Wire)

Running to the emperor's town, we found an old source
There was a stone with not many words, we read and it said:
Riding through the holy valleys you will arrive in a grey swamp where everyone dies, so you have 
to think about your past,
if your heart is not pure you won't go on (won't go on)
That was the prophecy of the old bard, he lived in all the ages,
He knew the warriors who didn't return, his heart was pure
We have to overcome this bloody swamp, the king's waiting for us, we must not be late, cold is 
the night and warm is our heart,
we've finally arrived at the emperor's town (emperor)

VII. "The Ancient Prophecy - The Oath" 3:25
(music: Wire - lyrics: Wire)

Glory is near, I will ride the sky, my dreams will come reality
My mission is my only aim, I will consecrate my name
My land won't be sacrificed, a holy kingdom's in my mind
My sword is ready to destroy the black emperor to save
All the brothers of the reign, they will forget the pain

CHORUS: And when the light will return we will be free, forever!
Our dreams will come true and we will ride, toghether! Eternally!

Lord, you're my witness everyday, I'm the one who can deny
The return of evil reign, they will burn under my flame
My sword is ready to destroy the black emperor to save
All the brothers of the reign, they will forget the pain


VIII. "The Fallen Kingdom" 4:49
(music: Treasure, Wire - lyrics: Wire)

Friend, look at the sky, winds of storm, dark clouds of war
And now, remember him, our mighty king, he died yesterday

BRIDGE: He was a symbol of faith, he fought for peace and glory
Lord, many battles he won, many lands he gained

CHORUS: But now, we are alone, noone could make us win today
King, protect our souls, enemies are coming

SOLO - Matt Treasure

Silence comes over the field, dead warriors' blood on the ground (and I pray)
Enemies sing for the victory, noone's left of us all (and I pray)

There will be the time for a revenge, the fallen kingdom will rise again
We will live in a peaceful reign, no more tears we will shed


IX. "Until Darkness Falls" 7:34
(music: Wire - lyrics: Wire)

You'll be leaving tonight, my love, you will leave me here alone
Don't you see the tears falling from my eyes again, I won't let you go
You're my life and my fate, and I don't wanna see you cry
Oh my love, kiss me once again, then let me go and keep on prayin' for me

CHORUS: Close your eyes and let your heart fly
Every single moment I will pray for you
Feel my soul and touch me once more
Feel the sorrow of my heart, all night long
I will stand here by your side until darkness falls...

Now I'm so far from your eyes, trying to forget you're crying for me
But my heart can't deny my sorrow, I'm so sad, I will cry tonight

SOLO - Markus Mayer
SOLO - Matt Treasure

I'll be fighting for you, wait until you come back home
I won't sacrifice my life, no!

Close your eyes and let your heart fly (I won't lose myself)
Every single moment I will pray for you
Feel my soul and touch me once more (and more and more...)
Feel the sorrow of my heart all night long

Close your eyes and let your heart fly (Keep on prayin' for me)
Every single moment I will pray for you
Feel my soul and touch me once more 
(feel my soul and don't leave me alone)
Feel the sorrow of my heart all night long

X. "Chains Of Fate" 8:15
(music: Mayer, Treasure, Wire, Ryan - lyrics: Wire) 
Running in the fire, I'm looking for my way
I will find a million walls, hiding my secret dreams
'Cause I want to change my life, I will break the chains of fate
Look at my eyes, I will shed my last tears
I'm denying my past, for a new state of grace
'Cause I will defend myself, take my hands and follow me

CHORUS: Time to follow my faith and walk alone on my way, steppin' into the light
Time to follow my faith and walk alone on my way, riding to the sky

SOLO - Markus Mayer

Facing the mirror, I'll see my bloody sins
They will enter my mind, they will become my voice
'Cause I've got to ask my soul what's the meaning of my pain
I've been a slave, during my short life
But I will cry no more, leaving my tears behind
I am leaving my dark side and I'll run to find myself

SOLO - Markus Mayer
SOLO - Matt Treasure


















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